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How to Start Teaching ESL Abroad

I’ve had a number of friends now who have asked me questions about teaching ESL and where the heck to start. It can be daunting, no doubt, so I’ve put together this post as kind of a how to guide for anyone remotely interested in this teaching ESL overseas.

On Easter Sunday, the teachers all went to a nearby park for a picnic. It was the first weekend of true spring weather - temperature in the 70's, flowers blooming and gorgeous! We dyed and decorated eggs and then participated in one of the teacher's family traditions: The Egg Crack Off. How it's played: two opponents hold their hard boiled egg and at the same time ram them into each other. The person whose egg cracks, loses, and the other player continues on in the Crack Off Tournament.

On Sunday, the entire staff participated in a race with our 60 year old bosses. And we all crushed it. Five of the teachers (myself and Luke included) ran the 5k, while three of the teachers, Richard and Suzi all ran the 10k! We left CEV at 8:00 AM and arrived at the scene of the race with an hour and a half to spare. Drums were banging, music was blaring, balloons were fleeing toddlers' hands and our staff was drawing stares from every direction. So many foreigners in one big group! 

The weather has really started to warm up so running and more outdoor activities are becoming more frequent. Saturday was gorgeous and I needed to get out of the apartment, and I actually ended up running three miles. I know it's not much to some, but considering I haven't run much in quite a while, I was quite proud of myself. Later on, a group of us drew a Four Square court and played until dark.

We got off the bus and I was automatically in everyone's way wherever I stood. People were flying by left and right as I stood there in a group with three other mid-westerners who had no idea where to go, or how to speak Korean. But nonetheless, we were there to adventure and see the big city. Before attempting to navigate our way to another teacher couple (who actually knew the city), we stopped at a breakfast food truck. Fried food on a stick.