Hi, I'm Michelle

...and the sucker on the left is my boyfriend, Luke.


It all started when...

...we took a 14 hour flight from Louisville, Kentucky to South Korea in November 2016, not having a clue what lay ahead of us. We began teaching English in the south-eastern part of the country in a very small town called Changnyeong-gun. It was far removed from the city as we actually lived on a farm filled with rice and onion fields and one 7-11 down the road. But in 2018, we lived in the city! About an hour West of Seoul, is the city of Incheon, and where we taught our second year in Korea. It was definitely a different experience, but we love this country so much, we had to do it again.

Our contract has just finished so we are traveling through more Southeast Asian countries that we haven’t been able to see yet, and will make our transition back home!

I dabble in photography and this blog, while Luke practices videography. We love hiking, we attend many festivals, are huge foodies (and beer-ies) and often have some hilarious encounters with the natives, as we know VERY little Korean. I try to document our experiences as best as I can so we can keep these memories for years to come.

Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoy! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions.