Six Months in Songdo!

Six Months in Songdo!

I have hardcore slacked on my blog for the past month and although not much has happened, I can post some quick updates. The heat has been unbearable so we didn't do much or go far since our vacation in the Philippines. It's a bit harder to post as often as I did last year when we lived in the country. Every weekend we were going somewhere new and doing something exciting and adventurous. This year, living in a city, we can do stuff nearby, but because of it, don't feel the need to do something extravagant every weekend. It's two very different ways of living, but we've loved the more casual lifestyle this year in Incheon.

We had some friends visit us and hang out here in Songdo and we got to show them around our neighborhood. It was a nice change of pace than going to Seoul and meeting up with people. We went back to Chinatown and walked down Fairytale Village. We walked through Central Park during sunset, had an amazing Korean BBQ dinner at a restaurant I had been dying to try since we moved here, and experienced a Coin Noraebang and PC Bang all in one night!

Over the past few weeks, I've branched out and made a few new friends in the area. One of which is a new coworker at our school, and the other I met through Facebook. (Thank you, expat groups!) Teaching ESL as a couple is amazing since we get to work and live with our best friend and have crazy, amazing adventures together. However, that also means you spend every second of every day together. And eventually run out of things to talk about. So spending time with other people is much needed and making new friends has been a breath of fresh air - in the best way possible.

I also spent a weekend in Seoul with my friend Hannah and her female coworkers. We had a girls' night out in Itaewon and had such a fun time. The next day, after a very slow and lazy morning, they showed me an awesome cafe in a very cool area of Gongdeok, Seoul called Fritz' Coffee. And later that evening we got some fried chicken, a pizza and hung out at their apartment. We even got a huge surprise firework show that we could see from their place! It was a great girls weekend getaway. πŸ˜Š 

On August 24th, we had officially lived in Incheon for six months!

And unintentionally, we celebrated by hanging out at one of our favorite nearby locations. Central Park, of course! It is one of the top attractions of Songdo, let alone the whole city of Incheon, and there's no doubt as to why. No matter what time or season it is, no matter what the weather is like, Central Park is one of the most gorgeous places to walk around, have a picnic, drink some coffee, nap, take pictures, paddle boat, and even sip some soju. It is a man made park with just about anything you can think of which is why we spend a lot of our down time there. It never gets old.

It wasn't planned, but Luke and I sporadically decided to grab our photography/videography gear, and head over to the park at night. We have been there numerous times during the day, and once at sunset, but I had been wanting to see it at night with everything lit up. So of course we stopped at a convenience store and conveniently picked up some juice and soju to sip on while we were there. We sat on the ground next to the water and just enjoyed the peace, quiet and scenery around us.

I'm still trying to practice my night photography as it is a whole different ball game, so although these are far from perfect, it's part of my progress as a growing photographer and I still think some are pretty decent!

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