Hi! I’m Michelle and I think you should hire me.


I have 3 years of experience in Account Service in a Marketing Agency, 2 years of experience teaching and living overseas (and maintaining this blog), and 27 years of experience working hard, building relationships, and being a bit silly throughout it all.

I’m a tough cookie.

Climbing mountains and launching marketing campaigns are both a mental and physical challenge. They both require research, setting up goals, and a necessary celebration after a big success. Sometimes there are setbacks, but you adapt and learn from it.


I wear many hats.

Living with a significant other in a foreign country means sometimes you lead, sometimes you listen and follow, and sometimes you divide and conquer, but regardless, you’re always a team. In the marketing world, I can be a leader, a doer, a researcher, a photographer, or a communicator. And if none of those are what’s needed…I’m a fast learner as well. 🙂


I’m confident.

Entering a dance competition in front of 100 strangers and a few friends might be intimidating for some. Others might find it scary to immediately dive into a new client account and get things going. I embrace the challenge.


I’m available!

I’m currently based in Louisville, Kentucky but ideally looking to relocate to other parts of the country. Please contact me with any marketing or advertising opportunities you may have at michellecsanto@gmail.com.