Merry-versary and Happy New Year!

Merry-versary and Happy New Year!

Merry Anniversary To Us! 💕

We’re at the point where we’re counting down the weeks until our contract is over. Not because we’re excited to leave Korea, but because we’re excited to see new things and start new adventures! The bittersweet reality is starting to kick in and we’re trying to make the most of it, while also preparing for a million big decisions moving back to the States.

Instead of exchanging big gifts for Christmas (and our anniversary), and having to deal with shipping those home later, we opted for smaller gifts instead and a small getaway. This way we would have something to open on Christmas, and we could get a super nice “treat-yo-self” hotel room with an awesome view. We have always stayed in a hostel, love motel (which are hilarious) or a jjimjilbang, so the hotel was a nice change of pace.

The bathtub was the best obviously the best part.

Luke’s time-lapse setup for his two cameras!

When we arrived in Gangnam and checked into our room, we acted like we had never seen a hotel before in our lives the way we were taking pictures and videos. Once we settled down, we headed across the street to the nearest convenience store for a bottle of wine to enjoy in our room. That was followed by a lovely black pork barbecue dinner just down the street and a wonderful night that truly felt like a little getaway.

New Years Eve 🍾

The next morning, I opened my eyes for a few seconds before quickly shutting them again, realizing it was going to be a long morning. The lights were too bright, my body was too heavy, and my head felt like it had been hit by a truck. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a later checkout, but after some medicine, water, and a hot shower, I was feeling better in no time. Thank you, late twenties :)

We explored the Gangnam area a bit since we really haven’t been there much at all. It’s just south of the river and therefore a bit out of the way during most of our trips to Seoul. It’s also a bit ritzier so we don’t go out of our way to look for things to do there. The architecture of the buildings was incredible, the shopping was of course great, and it was fun to see a different area. Of course it was freezing, so we popped into a cafe and snatched a window seat while we warmed up.

After a while, we left to meet up with our friends and begin celebrating the last night of 2018. After getting ready, we began our 30 minute trek to the restaurant. Once we found it, we realized it was the wrong one (we had a reservation and a friend waiting). So we squished in a cab and finally ended up at the super cool restaurant called Devil’s Door in the Coex Mall. We shared what we think may have been the best fried chicken we’ve had in Korea (and that’s a pretty high bar) and garlic and herb fries with beers all around!

At this point it was already close to midnight so we walked outside and joined a huge crowd where there was a giant screen with a countdown, followed by an awesome fireworks show! We were told there was a free concert outside and apparently this guy was super famous. Well, after the fireworks, he sang two slow songs and then it was over. Everyone left! What?! People - it’s only 12:30, it’s New Year’s! What are you doing?!

Tinder gang with the Tinder Ad. #TinderBinder

Upside down tree…why not?

The crowds were insane. The subway was even crazier and although we had planned to stay out and party, the waiting and transporting on the subway took a bit longer than expected and ended up killing our party spirits. We called it a successful night and went to bed. We welcomed 2019 with no hangover and a great American breakfast! 😊

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