Myeongdong Shopping District

Upon living in South Korea for approximately 15 months, we hadn't once been to one of the most touristy places of the country - Myeongdong Shopping District! We mainly focus on trying to get the good views and sticking with as much local culture as we can. But I would be pretty bummed if we left without seeing many tourist attractions. So I decided on a Sunday to make it a day trip, go into Myeongdong, Seoul to walk around without any sort of plan and just see what all the hubub is about. Luke decided to join me. :)


When we entered the streets of Myeongdong, we were immediately overwhelmed as skin stores, clothing stores, street food and restaurants covered the streets and sidewalks while thousands of people were passing in every direction. We were in such a sensory overload that we forgot to take pictures at the same time so, sorry about it but at least you get a 14 second video, and a couple awkward pictures!

I think both of our favorite parts was the amount (and quality!) of street food there. It was the most we had ever seen for the best prices! Luke got a noodle dish of course while I went for my usual meat on a stick option. Grilled bbq chicken skewer for ₩3,000! And the best meat stick I've had in Korea thus far. Even though we loved our street food, I was saddened that I couldn't endlessly try everything I saw. I want to go back to try a "pizza cone" that looked brilliant and delicious! Pizza to go! The cone is the pizza crust - HOW FREAKING BRILLIANT?! Anyway, more updates on that in the near future.

There were so many stores no matter what "side street" we ventured through. I ended up getting quite a few things, one of which was this sweet souvenir tee. It has a list of a few major cities and in each word, there is a Korean Hangul character on it with the appropriate sound. For instance, on the front it says "Seoul" but the "S" is actually the Korean character that makes the "s" sound! And Luke actually bought a couple clothing items. Hot dog! After many hours perusing the streets, we called it a day and headed back home. BUT not before we entered the eight-story Daiso (our favorite dollar store ever).

Myeongdong - you were good to us. Until we meet again. P.S. You better still have pizza cones!