NC Cube Canal Walk

The spring weather is finally in full bloom!

And then other times it's super duper rainy. In which case, I still usually need to find something to do outside of the apartment. Like check out the NC Cube Canal Walk nearby! It was quite dreary when I went the other day so there weren't many people there, but that gave me more room to explore a couple of the buildings. There are four main buildings, each named after a season. In each building there are various stores from skincare (of course) to popular sports brands and clothes to wooden handmade crafts. Among these shops, there is also a plethora of restaurants and cafes to choose from. This rainy Saturday, I chose one of the cutest cafes to relax in...Vanilla Bin, located in the "Autumn" building. I found a table and pulled out my kindle, and shortly thereafter, my apple cinnamon tea and cinnamon roll were brought to my table. There was greenery in and out of the cafe, and the lighting was on point. I LOVE good lighting, especially when there are various types of lights which give the place more character. I had a lovely evening reading and sipping my tea inside that cafe and have plans to go back and do it again.

One week later and the weather was beautiful, so Luke and I grabbed our bikes and rode back over so I could show him how cool it was. That day, we discovered even more. There is a rock climbing and bouldering gym. There are cheap clothing tents out when the weather is good. And kids can ride in robot cars! My favorite part is the many fountains that are lined down the middle of the buildings. You can grab a seat at any of the numerous tables or benches outside and relax as people walk by.

We decided to eat at a restaurant called "Noodle Box" which served a few different Asian dishes. We went for the pad thai as we haven't had that since Thailand - 1.5 years ago! It was pretty spicy but I powered through and it was scrum-diddily-umptious! After the Canal Walk, we biked around town and went through Central Park.

'Twas a day. ❤