Streams and Streets

Well hello again. I must admit... I have definitely been slacking on the posts so far this year. But mostly due to the fact that we haven't had a major outing every weekend like we did last year. Being in the city has had a big impact on the kind of lifestyle we live. It feels much more relaxed. Since we have the opportunity to go to so many places pretty quickly, it's a bit more familiar to living back home. We can walk to the market, ride our bikes to the mall, hang out at a cafe, and even attend a Zumba class! Because there haven't been many big adventures, I have had trouble figuring out what to write about since our Azalea Festival but am taking a stab at it. Perhaps I'll make my posts a little shorter and a little simpler. (Easier for both the writer and the reader ;) ) Last weekend, Luke and I took the subway into Seoul to walk down the Cheonggyecheon Stream. The stream has tons of greenery all around it - some overgrown, some kept nice and neat - and is located in the middle of a big street. It was alright to walk down but after seeing it online, I honestly thought it was going to be much cooler with lots of shops and cafes around it. Not the case. There were a handful of convenience stores and a few restaurants but for the most part, it was pretty low key.

That being said, we did stumble into a very cool street market on the way to the stream. Normally, a street market is just one or two streets of Korean vendors sitting under a tent with either produce, fish, or clothes, eager to sell you their items. This one was a bit different. There were maybe six or seven streets going in every direction with convenience stores placed sporadically throughout. We couldn't decide which way to go, but the goods were much more unique than we usually see. Glass figurines, belts, golf gear, weights, unique metal figurines...all things random, but it was so cool! Just vendor after vendor until we stumbled upon a building with a sign on the front that said...The Seoul Folk Flea Market. It was huge! I mean, seriously, there was even a food court inside! We spent some time wandering around looking at all the miscellaneous items, but will definitely have to go back another time for some sweet souvenirs.