Our Korean Home in Incheon, South Korea

Our Korean Home in Incheon, South Korea

This won't be a long post since I'll have another one very soon of our time with Luke's uncle and cousin, Rich and Grace. This one is mainly to show you our home as we've finally settled in and I think it actually looks quite presentable! We have just one apartment this year so no going back and forth out in the hallway, yay! It's quite spacious though for a Korean apartment, and in great condition.

Enter: Our Apartment

When looking in, we have the bedroom on the left, the bathroom on the left just past that, and the kitchen on the right. When you walk in, there is a small area where you take off your shoes before entering as you cannot wear shoes inside of a Korean home. Next to that is some storage space with shelves on the inside and mirrors on the outside.


The Kitchen

We have two tiny stove top burners where we can really only use one since they are so close together. Below the stove is our washing machine for our laundry. When finished, it sings a little tune for about 30 seconds straight!


Our fridge (top) and freezer (bottom) are super sleek and modern looking but not nearly as much space as we had last year. Granted, since we had two apartments last year we had two of each so I suppose this is more realistic.


The Living Area

Our decoration game has improved (although obviously no HGTV) with a few of our easy-to-travel-with memorabilia and decor that we've since accumulated. I've also snatched up a few small and easy to care for plants to liven the place up here and there where we can.

Our couch is extremely minimalist. The two of us can sit on it, but it's not ideal for lounging. Hence, we've placed our floor bed between the couch and TV for extra comfort when we want to stretch out.

Both of our clothes are pretty much all in that white wardrobe. I couldn't fit all of mine on my half so I put my out of season clothes in a suitcase and hid it in the corner, haha.

We love looking out the window, whether it's rainy or bright and sunshiny. Our desk is against the window so we have a nice little work space.


The Bathroom

More storage space behind the mirrors! You can also see that we have a shower door, which is extremely rare in Korea. Most bathrooms consist of a toilet and sink, with a shower head attached to the wall. The shower is typically the entire the bathroom which means the toilet and everything in the bathroom will end up wet. Ours in comparison, is a very nice bathroom.

You can also see a hose on the wall next to the ν™”μž₯μ‹€ (toilet). This is a bidet to rinse your buttocks with...we don't use this. Maybe we are considered dirty because of that. Or maybe we are just American. I'll let you decide.


The Bedroom

We don't have a door separating our bedroom from the rest of the apartment. Why? We're still not sure. But, although we don't have many guests over, we decided to put up this curtain for times when maintenance or the occasional guest comes over. It's so Korean. I love it. :)

We have a blanket on one wall, and a bear on another. The blanket is covering our window into the hallway. There's no view and the hallway lights always stay on so at night it's still so bright in our room. Hence, the blanket to keep the light out. As far as the bear, Luke always wanted a California flag, plus it has a bear on it. So...obviously we put it on our wall.


And that's our apartment! :)

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