The Month of June in Korea. And Then Some.

It's been a few weeks since my last post but nothing too exciting has been happening. We have been teaching Cyber School for 5 weeks, and only have 4 more to go. We have a pretty good system down for teaching material and its become a lot easier since we've gotten the hang of it. It's great to be able to have the same students and get to know them a little more than we are usually able to. We've continued playing a LOT of four square. Usually before our Friday evening dinners. And a few weeks ago, Liam even made the King's hat out of balloons. Everyone got to wear it at least once, but it wasn't necessarily the same hat every time haha. You can see the progression of the hat slowly getting smaller as balloons continued to pop. Thanks to Hannah and Selestia for some sweet action shots! This past Friday for dinner we ended up doing a pizza picnic in the park! It was gorgeous weather and everyone was able to save a few bucks so it was a nice change of pace.

This past Friday for dinner we ended up doing a pizza picnic in the park! It was gorgeous weather and everyone was able to save a few bucks so it was a nice change of pace. Saturday, we went back to Busan for Liam's birthday. We spent all day on the beach. Although it was pretty hazy and cloudy that day, the temperature was perfect so it turned out to be a great day for it. We ended up playing quite a few games of 5-on-5 volleyball which got pretty intense, and I got a decent battle wound to show for it! It was super fun but one of my favorite parts was the fact that there was a much more competitive game right next to us, but we continued to attract a Korean audience of around 5-12 people. They were taking LOTS of pictures and cheering us on, haha! I tried to sneak a picture of them but it just doesn't do it justice. The area of sand that the courts were on were full of rocks and shells and even though we kept tossing them aside, I ended up diving and got a pretty crazy battle wound around my knee. It's like a free souvenir to remember all the fun times I've had with these people - awwww.

We played some cornhole and chilled for a bit longer before heading to dinner at HQ, one of Liam's favorite restaurants. When we got there, we went up to order some drinks and I immediately asked for the "Kentucky Lunchbox". It is a bomb shot that is usually just called a Lunchbox and contains beer and orange juice, then you drop a shot of amaretto in and chug. It was pretty delicious! Afterwards, we had some drinks, and Luke and I split a buffalo chicken sandwich and a double cheeseburger. And let. Me. Tell. You. This cheeseburger made me feel like I was in heaven. No joke. Heaven. We haven't had a real cheeseburger the entire time we've been here. And I'm not counting the McDonald's that we had months ago. The buffalo chicken sandwich was just as good, but we'd had that another time we were there. Okay, enough of the food. We drank, we ate, we played a few games and then headed to Gorilla Brewing. It was a pretty modern looking, very open, hangout bar with a foosball table in one corner and a wall of draft beers in the middle. It was a super fun night! We eventually made it back to the hostel where the girls and the guys stayed in separate 8-person rooms.

The next morning Luke and I attempted to go to the aquarium but realized it would be best to come back during the evening when there were much fewer toddlers screaming and running around. Instead, we grabbed a drink at Starbucks and took a moment to regain some energy for the day. We got lunch at Subway and headed out to do some shopping. It was a great weekend and we got back early enough on Sunday to wind down and relax before the week.

More Travelling - Japan, Indonesia and more!

We have two big vacations coming up soon. One is a long weekend during the "hot days" spent in Japan! My best childhood friend and her husband will be meeting us in Tokyo at the end of July for four days, and we will all head back to Korea for the weekend. Then just one week after we get back from that vacation, we will be vacationing with Luke's family for about two weeks in Singapore and Indonesia! We will probably be hitting up a few other countries during this break and I can NOT wait for it. I'm also very excited to see how my pictures turn out now that I have a better understanding of what the heck I'm doing with this camera and editing program.

Our plan after CEV...

In regards to work, our contract will be up December 5th and although we had hoped to be able to renew for 6 months, we are not. Instead, we will most likely be coming back home for a few weeks during the Christmas and New Years holidays, and then heading back out for another year elsewhere. Still, nothing is set in stone other than we know we will be done at CEV come December. All to be determined. But we are very excited to see some friends and family again in just 5 months!