Luke's Birthday and a Day with Kindys!

We celebrated Luke's birthday last weekend in Busan, because Busan is awesome, and only an hour away so we go there a lot haha. We started with a sweet lunch at Sushi Berry in Dongbaek with Stephanie and Sam, where Luke and I split two sushi rolls which were HUGE - the Dragon Roll and Rainbow Roll. It came with your usual Japanese salad (cabbage and ginger dressing) and miso soup. Everything was incredible and well worth the two whole dollar signs $$. After lunch, we meandered over towards the baseball stadium to look for screen golf. Luke had seen it online where you can rent a room and play simulation golf with real clubs and balls. I read everywhere online that you could find screen golf all over the place and that there were tons of them, but nothing had told me where one was. Well this one was right outside of the baseball stadium, near the Sajik subway station.

Sam, Stephanie, Luke and I were unsure of how exactly this was going to work so after a few questionable translations and some guessing games, we ended up in a big room with a couch, a chair, a table with some snacks and an entire wall made of a projector screen. On the floor in the front, there was a platform that each player would stand on to take their turn. There was a patch of "fairway", "rough" and "sand" that you could place the ball on depending on where your last ball landed. Our first experience was a lot of fun even though we all played absolutely terrible haha.

Liam and Selestia joined us for the end of our golfing game and the six of us headed over to the baseball stadium to watch the Lotte Giants! Outside food and drinks are allowed which is probably the best perk, so of course we brought in a dozen donuts, some Subway sandwiches and various snacks. The game was so much fun, I'm so glad we were able to go! It was gorgeous weather all day and there was a huge crowd which made it even better. There are no cans allowed in the stadium, so everyone rushes to the 7-11 within the stadium, buys all the canned beers, and uses the "cup station" right outside to pour their beers into huge cups. I'm not sure I understand the point of this but... #Korea. Towards the end of the game, everyone collects empty garbage bags, fills them with air, and ties them around their head as a funny tradition. Again, not sure what the point is but... #Korea is my only explanation.


After the game we did a quick hour of Noraebong (Korean style karaoke) and passed out! It was a long, fun and successful day! Sunday was a bit more chill hanging out at Shinsegae Mall (The Guinness book's world's largest shopping complex!) After wandering and purchasing a few goodies we headed back home.

Monday was a bit unique as the school for the week only came for about 2 hours, and they were Kindergarten!! SO FREAKING CUTE. Although Luke and I didn't teach any of the classes since we are currently teaching Cyber School, we were more than willing to help out our friends within their classrooms. We started out with everyone in the auditorium to introduce ourselves and sing some songs like Baby Shark, Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes, and a few others which got the kids pretty excited. I then spent the next hour switching classrooms every 10-15 minutes to help out and snag a few pictures. So many cute kids, so much chaos, and so may great pictures - all from those two hours!

Our co-teachers also decorated Luke's desk for his birthday! We walked into work and found a Star Wars theme just vomiting The Force all over his desk. We also found a great (semi-stalkerish) throwback photo of Luke taped to his computer screen, ha! Richard and Suzi bought a cake for him that we enjoyed after the Kindergartners left complete with a song and party poppers!

Tuesday was Korea's Memorial Day so we had the day off. Luke and I allotted a few hours to making pita bread and hummus from scratch - which turned out pretty bomb if I do say so myself. Afterwards a couple of us went to GolfZon which is another screen golf place but right next to the school! Not sure why it's taken us 6 months to check it out but it was a pretty good price for being so close - and it's something to do in this tiny town haha, I guess I'll be upping my golf game pretty quickly with Luke as my coach! :)