Apsan Mountain With a Side of Carbs

Last weekend, L&I planned on having a lazy Saturday. The weather looked like it was going to be kind of rainy, and the next two weekends were gonna be big. Well, after a cup of coffee, I decided to go into Daegu. I wanted to check out the art museum because it looked pretty cool, was cheap, and indoor in case it rained. After mulling it over, Luke decided to come with me to check out Apsan Park. We arrived in Daegu at around 4:30 and I was unsure if I would make it to the art museum in time before it closed so I decided to go to the park with Luke. Spur of the moment hike with Luke! We get there and hiked up Apsan Mountain which was overall not too bad, but was very steep. We made it up just before sunset and got to see all of Daegu (SK's 3rd largest city). It was really cool to see just how big Daegu really is and to take it all in. We enjoyed the view for a while and eventually headed back down. People were walking backwards down the street on their way back because it was so steep. We thought it was silly at first, but when it was our turn, we quickly discovered it was pretty smart, and a good calf stretch!

After our hike, we headed back towards a busy part of town and took a stroll through Emart (big store) for some tortillas. Tortillas were a bust so we left with a pair of shoes for myself, and some wine instead. :) After we got the necessities we got our grub on at a nearby pizza joint - Nine Road Pizzeria. It was fairly westernized, had a cool vibe and they even had an English menu! Between our pizza, carbonara and beer, we ordered more than enough carby food for the both of us. When ordering, we were told to write it down. So naturally I overthought it and wrote both the English and the Hangul for it (even though they have an English menu) "just in case". But it was good practice.  :)  Our pizza came with shrimp, ham, bacon, and corn on a cream sauce, with honey on the side. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! The carbonara was bomb-tastic, but "it didn't have the mom's touch" that Luke was hoping for. (Jeanne's carbonara is WAY more bomb-tastic!) I'm still waiting for the day that Luke whips it up for me.  :)  Oh, and if that wasn't enough, we got a 1+1 beer special (buy one get one free) so we each got a pint of beer. I think I gained 15 pounds that night...but it was so worth it.

Sunday we went into another Changnyeong Market. It was gorgeous weather so we had no problem walking around all day. Fortunately, we still haven't experienced a terrible fish smell invading our noseys. Luke and I have considered starting a small little "garden" to grow some spices or produce, but for the time being, we bought a beautiful cactus that I'm so in love with, pictured below. Hopefully we can start this "mini-garden" soon and I can gain some extra knowledge or another new hobby.

This weekend, the whole group is going down south to Jindo for a Sea Parting Festival! We are going with a huge travel group and leaving early in the morning and sleeping on the bus the first night. But we actually quite literally will be seeing the sea part, which sounds pretty freaking awesome. There's quite a few perks with the travel group we are going with but more pictures (and possibly videos) to come! Stay tuned :D

Jindo Sea Parting Festival

Jindo Sea Parting Festival

Easter Picnic and Evening Class