Ladies Weekend in Busan

As of March 30th, Luke and I have lived in Korea for four months! It is crazy to think we are almost halfway done with our contract. You can ask but no, we don't know what we are doing at the end of our contract. Not yet. Options are endless and it's extremely daunting to think about. We've experienced so much and had a blast while doing so but we still have eight months to enjoy, and a few more months to figure out our next move.

This past weekend, all of the ladies from CEV, and another friend in Changnyeong went to Busan for a Ladies Weekend. We got to the hostel we were staying at a bit before check in so we dropped our bags and immediately went shopping and then got some food at Steak Jobs. Steak Jobs a pizza, pasta and steak restaurant... with a picture of Steve Jobs in the logo. (FYI - There are zero copyright laws in South Korea!) Stephanie and I shared the Honey Gorgonzola pizza and the Bulgogi Pizza (cheese, beef bulgogi, onions, honey mustard, a couple olives) and both were phenomenal! We went back to check in to our room after a while and then went back out to see Beauty and the Beast! I'm sure anyone who has seen it will agree that it was AMAZINGGG! As soon as it was over each and every one of us became our 8 year old selves again, singing, dancing and giggling for the next two hours. With a couple hours of the night left to spare, we went to a bar called Party Next Door which was a small, westernized, super chill underground bar that had a few games like Ping Pong, Foosball, Darts and even cards. It was a rainy evening so not many people were out and about but it made it even better to have the whole place practically to ourselves. The next morning, we packed up and got ready (all while listening to the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast, of course) and headed out for breakfast and a bit more shopping! We were all pretty worn out after that and made our way back home to the boys.

We're cool. You wouldn't understand. We're cool. You wouldn't understand. "On three, make your Beauty and the Beast face!"

While we were out and about on Saturday, some of the guys had also gone to Busan for the day and watched a Lotte Giants baseball game. Per Luke, "It was splendid. I like the fact that beers were extremely cheap and you could bring food into the baseball game to eat. They also had cheesy, awesome, random rap songs and cheers for different baseball players." Based on his raving review, I'm pretty jealous but will definitely be going to another one sometime in the near future.

My students this week may be my favorite group thus far. It's an all boys middle school, but I think because it's all boys, they are energetic but more focused and more willing to participate in activities. They are hilarious! For starters, this group's English names are; Will, Ben, Clay, Chris 1, Chris 2, Jack 1, Jack 2 and Apple. I wish I would have had my phone on me but in Market this week, we worked on vocabulary for clothes, so one activity was "Help Me Get Dressed". I had a student stand in the middle of the room (I chose the smallest most outgoing of the bunch to start). I then asked another student to find him a piece of clothing and the student in the middle had to put it on. In the end, three different boys wanted to be the model and put on these clothes over their own. It was hysterical seeing these boys in glittery tops, skirts and cowboy hats and having a blast, but also actually seeing them learn their vocabulary.

Fairly short blog post this week but one thing remains the same - I don't think I will ever get sick of seeing Konglish throughout this country. I may just start a photo album for all of these pictures I take but here are a couple of my favorites from this trip.

Beer and Blossoms

We Made it in the Korean Newspaper! #Goals